Macondo Boogie

From March 22 to 27 we will have the Macondo Boogie at Skydive Colombia; this boogie is an opportunity for you to enjoy jumps with a fascinating scenery while experiencing all that Colombia has to offer. You will get much more than just jumps and the only risk is wanting to stay.
About the Drop Zone
We are conveniently located at the Santiago Vila airport in Flandes, about 2:30 from Bogota at 1.000 ft ASL. The airport is just 5 minutes away from Girardot, where accomodation and dining is readily available.
About the Airplanes
You will be able to experience jumps from legendary DC-3s that are still in operation in Colombia. Also, 3 Cessna Grand Caravans will be at your disposal for the Boogie.


About the

Ricardo Ospina
Main Organizer
Fabrice Bertrand
Main Camera
Robert Chromy
Load Organizer

Olga Bondarchuk
Load Organizer
Manny Guevara
Load Organizer


Full Package U$760
  • 15 Jumps.
  • Welcome dinner and closing party.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Load Organizers and cameras.
Just Dinner and Party U$100
March 22 Delegations Arrival
March 23 09h00– 17h30 Check in
Separation into groupbs based on discipline and level .
Recognition jumps
March 24-25 08h00 – 17h30 Jumps.
March 26 08h00 – 17h30 Jumps.
20h00 Closing party
March 27 Recovery day

About Accommodation
We have a special price with the GHL hotel the value is about 50 dollars per room on double accommodation with breakfast and dinner included. Once you do your register will get a promotion code for you to make reservations directly on the hotel's website. Anyway you can find good deals using pages like looking for accomodation in Girardot.
Also, you could use services like Airbnb and get great country houses at very good prices, but be sure that the house is located inside “El Peñon” or “Peñalisa” and be sure that it has air conditioning and private swimming pool. For these houses, the prices usually range between U$150 to U$500 per night for 6 to 15 people.
How to go to the drop zone?
Option 1:Rent a car, search for Aeropuerto Santiago Vila Flandes on the GPS and follow the route. It will take about 2:00 once you leave the city.
Option 2:Take a taxi to the bus terminal and take one to Girardot, usually the bus takes 3:00 to arrive to Girardot and the price price will be around U$7
Option 3: We could arrange a van to pick up groups and will charge you about U$150 each way with room for 12.
Option 4: Take a plane to Girardot, we will have this service only on march 22 at mid-day, and will return at the end of day on march 27 for U$50 each way.
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